Monday, June 21, 2010

Scentsy Incentive Trip HAWAII 2010- Day 1

Because I am SOOO behind on everything since returning home from my Va-Kay, you're going to get a detailed account of each day we spent in Hawaii, a day at a time. For now, enjoy our Day 1!

Our week in Hawaii was an absolute blast! We were treated like Queens (and some Kings), just like Scentsy always does!
This year for my Scentsy trip I was lucky enough to take my mom with me. I was so excited to show her how great these trips are, and to have the chance to spoil her! I also got to take Jack since he can't live longer than 4-5 hours without me! I felt pretty lucky to be bringing two of the most important people with me on this trip!
Here is the account of our adventure:
Day 1:
We arrived in Kona, Hawaii on Monday early evening. We were greeted first at the airport with lei's and lots of ALOHA's! At the airport our luggage was taken from us and we were told that it would be waiting for us in our rooms at our resort. We were then shuttled from the airport to the Fairmont Resort. When we got off the buses at The Fairmont we were given more Lei's, and Jack was given a cute little Fairmont frog! It was so cute and thoughtful of them to know baby Jack was going to be coming and would need a little toy!
Once inside the resort we headed to the "Scentsy Lounge" where we checked into our rooms, were given our gift bags full of Scentsy swag, our Scentsy credit cards filled with spending money, and viewed the options for activities and spa treatments that we might be intersted in. There waiting for us was also a snack table, just in case we were in need of something salty or sweet!
We then headed to our rooms and got to check out the amazing room we were going to spend the next five days in. It of course had the most amazing view, BEST beds, and the biggest bathroom I've seen! It was beautiful! Back to the beds...seriously who makes these beds? And the Pillows? I could sleep forever in this bed! We unpacked our goods and headed out the door to explore the resort and to find some dinner.
The resort of course was amazing, breath taking and perfect! All the restaurants we an hour wait, so we decided to do some more walking and exploring. We then saw my BBFF (Best Braodmore Friend Forever) Casie and her husband Doug, and they told us that up in the Scentsy Lounge there was a ton of food and snacks to eat. So we headed up there and enjoyed some yummy food and got to see more of my Scentsy friends and meet some of my Scentsy team members that I hadn't ever met before. It was a long night, sitting and talking, eating and having a great time.
Our first day on the island was awesome! Here are some pictures of our first day!

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KW said...

Sounds like a great trip so far. Can't wait to hear the rest.

Marianne said...

Fun! And I bet it just gets better!

Sarah and Ty said...

I started reading this backwards and just now got to day 1. (this is how I documented my Hawaii trip as well. Too fun not to include all the pics & details!) I was wondering how you took your baby & still enjoyed the trip minus the hubby. how nice to have your mom along!!

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