Thursday, April 22, 2010

What Would You Do?

Okay, so in a few short months or less we'll be moving to Arizona.
We will be renting out our home here in Utah while we are gone. We will miss our new home, having been here for only a year now. It's going to be sad and hard in many ways, but being with my kids and husband, no matter where we are, is most important.
I'm excited for the adventure of moving! I've only lived outside of the bubble once, for four months, when I lived in China. I LOVE the bubble, but I'm excited to experience life outside. I've heard it's a whole new world!
Before we go, I want to take advantage of Utah as much as I can.
Soooo, what activities, and places in Utah do you recommend me and the kiddies going before we leave?

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Fike's Lives said...

Modest clothing is an absolute must. I know this isn't an activity or place, but it is something you need to take advantage of while you are still in Utah. Utah's has a better modest clothes than anywhere I have lived (three states).

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